Here are a list of the most common questions we get asked by people looking to book the band. If your question does not appear on the list please feel free to send us a message via our contact page, and we will endeavour to get back to you as quickly as possible with an answer.

Please click on any question to see the answer.
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[toggle title=”+ What’s the best way to time our event?”]Our performance times are important in making your party flow properly and we are really flexible with this, however we prefer that our performance doesn’t happen at the same time as the buffet or anything else you may have planned. We also recommend that our second set is timed so that we play for the last hour of your party, as the dynamic of our performance works really well in this format and creates a finale effect.

Typical timings are as follows:
– Arrival at around 18:00 to be set up and sound checked by 19:30
– Background/DJ music from 19:30 until 20:30
– Band Set 1 from 20:30 until 21:30
– Background/DJ music from 21:30 until 22:30
– Band Set 2 from 22:30 until 23:30 with encores or DJ music until midnight[/toggle]
[toggle title=”+ Can I pick the bands set list?”]We are very happy for you to select songs from our repertoire to be played, but we do prefer to perform a selection of songs that best suits the mood of your party or event, so as to keep the dance floor as full as possible.Let us know of any songs that you definitely DO or DO NOT want so that we make sure to add or remove it/them from our set lists.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”+ How far will you travel?”]We are happy to travel anywhere in the UK and Internationally.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”+ Can I see you play live?”]Yes of course!Unlike some bands, we make sure to still play pubs and bars just so you CAN see us live. We believe that it is important to “try before you buy”.

Please feel free to follow our Facebook and Twitter pages to keep up-to-date with any upcoming shows we have throughout the year. You will also find promotional videos and live recordings to view at your leisure.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”+ Will you learn a special song?”]We will do our very best.This depends on whether your chosen song fits our playing style and sound. We would only want to perform it if we were to do the song justice.

At the time of booking, please let us know if there’s a particular song you’d like us to consider learning so we have enough time to learn it well.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”+ Are your video clips a true reflection of your band?”]Yes. All our videos are un-edited live recordings direct from our shows.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”+ How do I book you?”]You can go to our Contact page, email us or call us direct on 07730 579104.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”+ Will I require a DJ in addition to your live performances?”]We bring an iPad with over 3000 songs to all of our shows that we can use specifically for music in-between our sets, making sure that we keep the dance floor in full swing.This music is played through an iPad app called DJ Pro and will create the sound and feel of a DJ.

If you have any specific songs which you would like to be played, please let us know prior to your event or party so that we can make sure we have it ready to go on the night.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”+ Can I use your sound system for speeches?”]Yes. Please let us know an estimated time that you would like to make speeches so that they can be factored in to set-up times and performance times.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”+ Do you provide lighting?”]Yes. We use two LED Bar light set ups. We also have a selection of free-standing floor lighting that we bring with us should they be required.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”+ How long do you play for?”]We usually play two 60-minute sets. This can be divided into three 40-minute sets if you wish. We can also do two 45-minute sets or one 90-minute set if you prefer.We also offer an additional acoustic option which consists of one hour of carefully selected acoustic music, perfect for during your meal or drinks reception. We are able to have two separate PA systems if your acoustic set is at an outdoor location. The acoustic option does incur an additional charge.

Just let us know upon booking if this is something that you would like us to add in to your event.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”+ How long do you take to set up?”]Dependant on access to your venue, once all our equipment is in we can be set up and ready to go within an hour.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”+ Can I provisionally book you?”]Unfortunately, we don’t take provisional bookings as our demand is such that we would be turning clients away on popular dates. However, when you make an official enquiry with us, your enquiry will be logged in our system and you will be given first refusal on your chosen date should anybody else make an enquiry for the same one.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”+ What if the band split-up before our event?”]Like many professional party bands, our work is our livelihood, so we take our commitments very seriously.In the very unlikely event that the band does split up before your event, every effort would be made to find a suitable replacement band.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”+ Can any of our guests perform with your band?”]We love inviting people up to sing a song with us at our shows, but we ask that they do not bring drinks into the performance area and are respectful of our equipment. If any of your guests would like to perform with us, we ask that they are experienced in stage performance and provide their own instruments. Speak to us upon booking if this is something that you would like so that we can accommodate your chosen guest(s).

Sadly, past experience has taught us that sometimes, guests like to help themselves to our equipment or enter into the stage area uninvited and/or intoxicated. This has often ended in disaster. Therefore, we’d rather avoid any unnecessary embarrassment for you and your guests and ask that they do not join us in the stage area unless invited to do so.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”+ What will the band wear?”]We always wear a black shirt, tailored black jeans with matching shoes and orange ties.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”+ Does the band have PAT and PLI certificates?”]Yes. We always carry up-to-date PAT certification and we have annually renewed Public Liability Insurance cover too.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”+ Why should I book 6 String Makeover?”]Previous clients and happy couples have commented that we are without doubt one of the most professional and most and experienced party bands in the UK and wouldn’t hesitate to book us again. Individually, we have travelled all over the world, and played in every type of venue to all kinds of people, so we bring a wealth of experience to your event, not to mention equipment and live sound of the highest quality.
It is important to us that we play something for everybody and cater to every listening ear. We understand that your event is special, and that everything has to be right. We guarantee you our energy, enthusiasm and interaction with you and your guests.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”+ What are your bands power requirements?”]We usually require a minimum of two double 13 amp power supplies on or close to the stage area.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”+ How much does it cost to book 6 String Makeover?”]Prices vary based on the time of year, location of your event and whether you choose to add in an acoustic set to your booking.Prices will be discussed with you at the time of your enquiry based upon your requirements, but our standard price starts at £1000.00.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”+ Can we see any testimonials from previous clients?”]Yes of course.We have plenty of them for you to choose from right here (hyperlink) on our website.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”+ Do 6 String Makeover have any special requirements?”]A suitable and preferably secure room to get changed. Toilets areas are not acceptable. We would be grateful of something to eat and drink too please.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”+ What types of venues are you able to perform at?”]We have played in every type of venue from nightclubs, pubs, football stadiums, marquee’s, railway museums and ballrooms.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”+ How loud are you?”]We always make sure that our volume is set at a level where your guests can still converse when on the outer fringes of the dancefloor, but then feel that they are at a party when within it. Being a guitar based rock and pop function band, the nature of the music we play means that we can only turn down so far. If your chosen venue has a sound limiter or integrated PA system, please check with us that we are able to be accommodated, as some venues are quite strict when it comes to live bands. It is always worth discussing this with us to make sure that the performance you receive from 6 String Makeover will not be compromised.[/toggle]

If your question does not appear on the list please feel free to send us a message via our contact page, and we will endeavour to get back to you as quickly as possible with an answer.

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